Hello! I am Christopher Humphries.

On This Website

This website is a central hub for me on that Internet. I intend to post about what’s going on with me, resources to share, and anything else I feel like posting that may be of interest to at least one other person.

The domain “niroze” doesn’t have any significance. It was simply a 6 letter domain and word that didn’t seem to have a presence on the Internet. In 2006 I registered it.

On My Personal Life

I am pretty much a geek that likes to tell jokes.

I enjoy reading sci-fi, fantasy, and horror novels, and listening to Audible audiobooks; playing chess, Tabletop Roleplaying Games, and board games; binge-watching sci-fi and horror shows; playing bass; and learning more computing knowledge.

I live with my girlfriend and our cat in Scranton, PA.

On My Professional Life

I’ve worked for large e-commerce sites, US government, and datacenter and ISPs.

I enjoy working with systems, putting pieces together, and optimizing them to the needs of the job, and have always been fascinated with data management, including databases, filesystems, and networking. It is fun!

I primarily work in Linux and BSD environments and have since the mid-1990s. Find out more.


“I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it.” -Vincent Van Gogh